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As a music artist, you should be sharing consistent high-quality videos with your fans on all social media platforms to help you grow and be heard in larger and larger circles.


Production planning is the most important part of creating a professional music video. We love to sit down with artists and discover what their trying to create and have within their video. Don't have a story line? As creatives and lovers of music we will pitch ideas to what we see within your music. 


Location is everything within music videos. Selecting the correct location for your song can make or break your video. As the creative its important for us to scout the location, check how the lighting will be, what time of day we should shoot at, and do we have permission to shoot there? This can help us visualize what the video will look like before we even show up to the production day.


This day is much easier when both the artist and cinematographer know exactly what shot sequence is needed. We make it a priority to have proper lighting set up for this day to minimize the time of reshooting certain scenes. We value our clients time and energy as multiple music performances can be stressful and tiring.


The Post production process is where the magic happens. Each clip is lined up in the proper spot, color corrected to your mood, clip transitions according to the artists vision and then all joined together using our editing software Premiere Pro. We will then send out a rough cut to the artist to make sure were moving in the right direction.    

Learn more about how a Music Video can change the way you are seen as an artist.

In todays age, social media can help you get your music across to all your friends, family, fans, and followers.

We live in a super connected social world where our consumers "followers" are searching for instant gratification right away. As an artist, you have to try your best to fulfill these consumer needs and takes a lot of time and energy. That's where we come in to help you not only create music video content but create personal "behind the scenes" content so your fans gain a better relationship with you as a person.

We value the relationships with each artist we work with and want the best for them by giving as much content as possible from just one shoot for growing their personal brand professionally and efficiently.

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